Make smarter suggestions, faster.
A simple API to track high resolution user behaviors, and make real time recommendations.
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Suggestions From The Future

Engie takes a new approach to recommendations. It's uncannily accurate, lightning fast, and works on all kinds of content. While the underlying technology is complex, it all follows a few simple principles: be holistic, use common sense, and focus on people.

Track Everything
Suggest Anything
In Real Time

Right By Design

Good design isn’t just for iPhones and Tesla Roadsters. Engie gets suggestions right because we designed it with a clear vision in mind: make it easy to find what matters.

Engie is really good at the things other engines don't do. It excels at recommending new content, and the less well known (but secretly awesome). It never asks users to wait around for it to generate suggestions. Setup is handled for you – give Engie your data and it does the heavy lifting.

The popular stuff doesn't always matter, and the stuff that matters isn't always popular.

100x Faster Than Mahout

Being right doesn’t matter if you’re late. That’s why Engie is built to be fast. The whole thing runs in real time, with suggestions generating and returning in under a second, even at massive scale.

Using a dataset of 10 Million ratings, system-wide suggestions generate in under 10ms (average ~8.8ms) on our Amazon EC2 medium instance. For point of reference, a 100ms response delay is perceived as instantaneous by most humans, and your computer screen only refreshes every 17ms.

For more fast code, check out our search engine:


Infinite Possibilities

The best part of overcoming the popularity biases of traditional engines without resorting to machine reading, is that we can be extremely flexible. Whether you’re recommending similar products, finding the best short story for a user's mood, or matching compatible people - Engie's got you covered with the best tech in data science, and the customization tools to tune it all to your needs.

We believe that smart algorithms can do much more than tell you what to watch, and we'd like your help to prove it.

Test the best recommender system money can buy.

Submit your data set and we will setup a private server, custom API, and build a suggestion engine that fits your application.