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Engie takes a new approach to recommendations. It's uncannily accurate, lightning fast, and works on all kinds of content. Enter some movies you like in the box below to see how Engie stacks up against the competition.

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Infinite Possibilities

Automate curation to provide your users with personally tailored content. Engie works on all kinds of content, so whether you're suggesting clothing, or matching compatible people, it's easy to have the best suggestions on the web.

Convert first time visitors into users with a personalized experience from the moment they enter your site or app. Engie works well with very little taste information and learns fast, so a "cold start" is never a problem.

Recommend similar items to new users who aren't logged in to keep them engaged. For returning users, Engie finds similar items that match their taste.

And that's just scratching the surface.

Integrate In Minutes

First, submit your dataset – we'll use guided machine learning to train Engie and seed your engine. Then, integrate the Engie API in your backend to push data and get suggestions in real time. Engie's API is as succinct and powerful as the engine it interfaces with. Find our libraries on GitHub here.

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1. Mark Behaviors

my_index ='contacts') my_index.add_object :firstname => "Jimmie", :lastname => "Barninger", :company => "California Paint"
2. Get Suggestions

p'jimmie b')

Test the best recommender system money can buy.

Submit your data set and we will setup a private server, custom API, and build a suggestion engine that fits your application.